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  • Converting to the Core WordPress Footnotes Block

    I had previously used Mark Cheret’s Footnotes plugin to, well, create footnotes in WordPress. WP 6.3 introduced this functionality natively into the block editor, and since then I’ve wanted to convert all my instances to use the new core block but hadn’t got around to it yet. That is, until I ran composer update today…

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  • Mastodon Verification with WordPress 6.2

    This is cool – WordPress 6.2 (coming out in a few days!) adds the ability to specify a rel attribute on social icons in the Social Icons block. This makes it super simple to verify your domain with a Mastodon account when using a Full Site Editor theme; just drop the Social Icons block and…

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  • My Twitter Replacement

    Spoiler: It’s Nitter. I made my last post to Twitter today (at least until the situation changes): To elaborate on that (in order of preference): Enter Nitter Unfortunately not everyone that I followed on Twitter is available in other places, which has been the main reason to stick around this long. I’m now using Nitter…

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  • Custom Domains on iCloud Email

    I’ve been concerned for a while about Apple’s long-term commitment to iCloud email, and have been considering the painful task of switching my primary email address from my 10+ year old address to one at my domain. That is not to say I think they’re actually going to shut down iCloud email, but their apparent…

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Please excuse the rough edges. This site is an experiment with WordPress 5.9’s Full Site Editing – a new way to make websites with open source software. Things may be a little rough for the foreseeable future, though (hopefully) still entirely useful.