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  • Newly-Rebuilt Web Server

    Despite the fact that this site seems abandoned, I’ve maintained it through many iterations and many web servers. For the longest time it was hosted on Dreamhost’s shared hosting, but a couple of years ago I decided it was time to move to my own VPS. I chose a Canadian host, LunaNode. Initially I built […]

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  • Microsoft is Shutting Down CodePlex, the Right Way?

    Brian Harry: At that time, will start serving a read-only lightweight archive that will allow you to browse through all published projects – their source code, downloads, documentation, license, and issues – as they looked when CodePlex went read-only. You’ll also be able to download an archive file with your project contents, all in […]

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  • Let’s try this again

    A year to the day. I wish I could say I planned that. A lot has happened in the last year, but not much of that took place here. I’m going to try to change that again. A few of my more recent highlights: I’ve picked up Joomla development. It’s a different tool for a […]

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  • Hi There!

    This might be my, oh I don’t know, 5th or 6th attempt at writing on the web. I think it’ll stick this time. I’m starting my career as a web developer, and I want to contribute to the community that I’ve taken so much from over the years. I find writing is a great way […]

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