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  • Converting to the Core WordPress Footnotes Block

    I had previously used Mark Cheret’s Footnotes plugin to, well, create footnotes in WordPress. WP 6.3 introduced this functionality natively into the block editor, and since then I’ve wanted to convert all my instances to use the new core block but hadn’t got around to it yet. That is, until I ran composer update today…

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  • Exclude posts from WordPress’s Sitemap

    Starting with 5.5, WordPress now generates its own sitemap.xml without the need of a plugin. It’s possible to filter the results to exclude a specific post using the below filter: That filter takes a familiar WP_Query argument, so it’s quite simple to add any additional filters, for example if you wanted to exclude posts from…

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  • Quick Script to Migrate from SimpleNotes

    Moving hundreds or thousands of notes from SimpleNotes (to Apple Notes in my case)? This script aught to help clean up a few things for a better structure after importing. Converts tags in *.txt files to #tag format for easier searching. Preserves original modified timestamp. Updates the modified timestamps to a UTC offset (if specified)…

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